ENCOSyst - New Projects

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ENCOSyst - New Projects

The control system and more generally all electrical equipment are often not considered during the realization of a project. Production equipment (turbine and generator) capture all the attention for various reasons (higher cost, efficiency, etc.).

However these systems are an essential factor in the reliability and productivity of a plant and have a direct impact on the profitability of a project.

Its tight integration with generation equipment guaranteed the easy daily operation of the installation and easy maintenance to reduce operating costs.

We offer the following services associated with our products:

  • Balance of plant (BoP) engineering: definitions and design of equipment, integration of equipment into the main drawing in collaboration with other actors on the project.
  • Engineering of control system, general and detail drawings realization, part list
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA and communication systems programming
  • Study (Short circuit, selectivity, tuning) definition, configuration and testing of protection systems
  • Commissioning of electrical equipment (whole plant or partial)
  • Training (PLCs, SCADA and protection systems)


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