ENCOSyst - Our Products

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ENCOSyst - Our Products

Control system

Power plant automation(PLC, protection devices, converters, HMI), distributed control systems (DCS) / remote control systems (RTU).

We develop products tailored to best meet the need. On specific customer request we can adapt to any brand of equipment.

Generally we select only the material available on the local market. Our systems are adapted to the destination country and comply with IEC-62270 (Hydroelectric power plant automation - Guide for computer-based control).

Power plant automation Power plant automation Power plant automation


SCADA for power plant

We develop SCADA systems that are dedicated to energy production. The interface is designed and optimized to ensure an easy handling. Many tools were included to allow the daily operation, preventive maintenance and monitoring of the production statistics.

SCADA for power plant


Web control and web-maintenance

Smartphone control system

We offer remote control solutions ranging from simple remote telephone keypad control, to a full supervision of the plant remotely via the web or Smartphone.

Power plant web control

Cabinet for brushless or static excitation

For brushless excitation, we integrate Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) from several world leaders in this sector.
Our team has over 10 years experience in commissioning of several brands of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). 

For static excitation cabinets, we develop our own solutions for applications up to 1000Adc

Stati excitation cabinet


Speed governor for hydro turbines

Speed governor for hydraulic turbine(Kaplan, Francis et Petlon)

Our governors are developed on the basis of a PLC controller, which ensures the availability of specific spare part during the life time.

Our regulators are in compliance with IEC-61362 and IEC-60308



InstrumentationWe supply, install and put into service any type of instrumentation (Level, temperature, position, speed, vibration, channel and pipe flow meters, etc.)